BAM Infra Funderingstechnieken

Visiting address

  • Address H.J. Nederhorststraat 1
  •   2801 SC Gouda
  •   The Netherlands

Postal address

  • Address Postbus 63
  •   2800 AB Gouda
  •   The Netherlands


    Company data

  • Company name BAM Infra Funderingstechnieken
  • Parent company BAM Infra bv
  • Business line Civil engineering
  • Trade Register 24347782
  • Company activities BAM Infra Funderingstechnieken: fundamentally the right solution. Our expertise in the field of foundation will help you streamline your construction plans, for both new builds and renovations. We are active in the following market segments: infrastructure, parking, water, industry, energy, public and private building and civil construction. We can manage every single project stage for you, from advice and design to construction, maintenance and aftercare. For the best possible outcome, we are happy to share our specialist knowledge and extensive experience with you from the earliest stage. Thanks to our focus on quality and efficiency, we can help you come up with the best solution for your needs. We adopt a no-nonsense mentality, attaching great value to respect, responsibility, quality, creativity and reliability.


Company name City Country Phone
BAM Infra Funderingstechnieken Materieeldienst Amsterdam The Netherlands +31 (0)182 59 06 00